When using the services of Light Weight Structures, your business can have a specialist Fabric Structures design engineer working with your team. We work with clients based both in Australia and around the world utilizing the following wind codes.
  • Australian Code
  • American code
  • British Code
  • Euro Code
When working with Light Structures you supply us information via email using the following steps:

Step 1
Complete the project information form. This document provides us with standard information to commence a dialogue.

Step 2
Attach site plans and preliminary sketches

Step 3
Attach photographs of the site

Step 4
Provide us with an understanding of what your client is wanting to achieve use the budget vrs aesthetics vrs function equation. For example is their priority an eye catching design to differentiate their building from others (aesthetics), or to offer maximum weather protection (function), or a cheap a chips weather proofing solution or perhaps a combination of all of the above.

Step 5
Light Weight Structures having received this information will have a representative telephone you and have a further chat gaining more information. Fully equipped with all relevant information we will provide you with a fee proposal for our involvement.

Step 6
Having engaged Light Weight Structures we then commence our scope of work providing conceptual design and design and engineering documentation.

Step 7
When the project is being built we are call to support with any installation issues.

We’re confident in our systems and processes having designed, engineered and constructed large scale projects at numerous locations throughout Australia, USA, Middle East and Asia.
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