Bowling Canopies
Our copyright Crescent Wide Span Fabric Structure offers the ultimate in Bowling Green canopies.

As an alternative to existing open ended structures using trussed steel, our structure uses a wishbone configuration of large sections of heavy duty pipe and valley cables resulting in minimalistic design lines, improved functionality, aesthetics and reduced cleaning maintenance.

With a unique architectural ridge and valley canopy, the inherent beauty of the structure lies in the underbelly of the fabric canopy and the ambient internal environment created within the structure.
The eastern and western ends of the structure are designed with curved structural support to add stability to the fabric canopy. The low perimeter beam on the eastern and western ends also provides much needed protection from the hot summer mornings, afternoon sun and prevailing weather.

For night time use, the Wide Span structure’s full perimeter frame encapsulates artificial light that illuminates the canopy and reflects shadow free lighting down to the playing surface. Externally the structure appears as a dome. This external view emphasizes the high functionality of the project, protection from the elements and nighttime use.

Key features of this design include:
  • Ridge and valley style structure, formed by the combination of wishbone configuration/leaning arch sections supporting the membrane canopy. Valley cabling on the top surface of the membrane canopy running the across the width of the structure
  • Multiples of wishbone configuration/leaning arch supporting the tensile canopy, creating ridges and valleys;
  • Wishbone configuration/leaning arch sections creating triangular configurations from the centre attachment point to the outside edges of the arch members and perimeter frame;
  • Valley cables positioned on the top surface of the fabric canopy, creating valleys in the canopy stabilising the fabric and providing the ability to re-tension after a significant storm event.
  • Low perimeter beam at both sides and ends of structure offering maximum weather protection.
  • Light droppers extending from the wishbone configuration/leaning arch supporting the uplights allowing for shadow free night time use.
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